Friday Night Gratitude Group is Face to Face Only. Zoom is Closed

The Friday Night Gratitude Group is now only a Face to Face meeting. Zoom has been closed.

We have opened the access at 19:30 for fellowship at the Couveehuis before the actual meeting that starts at 20:00. Please join and have some fellowship before the meeting.

The Greeter will direct fellows, please also follow the arrows the Couveehuis have sent.

*PLEASE NOTE, ALL RULES STILL APPLY* Please do not come to the F2F meeting if you are ill. All chairs are set-up for 1.5 please keep them that way. After the meeting the group must sanitized the tables and chairs before leaving. 

No hugging or shaking hands, the elbow greet if wanted

The large meeting room where we were meeting before the lock-down will be able to sit 18 persons only!

There is also a small room close to the main meeting room that can hold 9 more only.

It was decided whoever is in the smaller room can call a fellow in the main meeting room so both rooms are connected for the meeting.  Read more on our meeting page.

*NEW* FACE TO FACE MEETING – Queer and Sober – LGBTQI in Amsterdam

A New Face to Face Meeting – Queer and Sober Amsterdam

The 35th International English A.A. Convention

“A.A. In the Digital World”


The 2021 Convention Committee is looking for volunteers, there can be no convention without help.

There is this well known saying: “service helps to keep you sober”, taking a position in the Convention committee is a great and meaningful way of being of service in AA. But also: Being a part of the Convention Committee is fun!

Talk to your sponsor about it, make up your mind and help out at The Convention.

There will be a Zoom training for those who will be Hosting a room, Co-hosting and other positions. Will be Sunday July 25th, at 13:00 . Platform: Zoom – Zoom meeting ID: 561 212 1212  Password: 

Also the Final convention meeting will held Sunday August 8th, 2021. Platform: Zoom – Zoom meeting ID: 561 212 1212  Password: 

So if you would like to do service for this years AA convention, please contact the convention Chair, Christine B. Christine B. . Better still come to the next Convention committee meeting as stated below. 

Sign up for one of the workshops….. We still have many spots to fill especially Co-hosts.

Sign up for one of the workshops…..

Click the word link to see the service positions available.
Please sign up…..

Come for the Service, Stay for the FUN JOIN THE 2021 A.A. Convention Team. There can be no convention without help.

Tuesday night candlelight meeting is going back 🗓

Starting Tuesday, July 6th 2021, the Tuesday night candlelight topic meeting of The Hague will go back to the American Protestant Church of The Hague, its original location.

*NIEUW* Vrienden van Bill W – Face to Face Dutch / Nederland Speaking Only

Vrienden van Bill W – Wednesday Nights Start 19.00 – End 20.15

**NEW HYBRID FACE TO FACE & ZOOM** Let’s Talk – An Open Women’s meeting

Click for more details “Let’s Talk.”  An Open Women’s discussion meeting. Face to Face – 25 seats only. A New Topic Chosen Weekly. Sunday’s – 16:00 – 17:00 Zoom Meeting ID: / Zoom Password:

12 Step Meeting – *NEW* FACE TO FACE – Amsterdam

12 Step Meeting – *NEW* FACE TO FACE

A NEW Face to Face meeting in Amsterdam – 12:00 – 13:00

De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam, Netherlands