Alcoholism Proffesionals

How AA collaborates with Health Professionals

AA is a community resource for the alcoholic who has a desire to stop drinking and an important addition to any other form of treatment or counseling. Together we can help more.

The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Client

Why don’t alcoholics drink normally? What can the health care professional offer the alcoholic? How can Alcoholics Anonymous help in recovery?

When someone talented dies of alcoholism there is an outpouring of grief; sadness that someone special should die in this degrading way. This affliction is described as a disease. We look for treatments and cures.

For most people there is but one treatment; “To stop drinking entirely”. However, many doctors will tell you that attempts to stop are often unsuccessful and attempts to drink normally are even worse.

Treatment centres help clients to withdraw, they offer a period of reflection, a chance to change completely, to adopt a sober life. The newly sober alcoholic returns home and the real struggle begins.

Recognized by most treatment facilities, Alcoholics Anonymous is part of the solution with ongoing care through the practice of its 12 Steps.

Public Information

Alcoholics Anonymous provides literature to the professional community, holds information workshops to groups or on a one to one basis. We also arrange for members of the public to attend open AA meetings.

To arrange a visit or request information please contact the Public Information Committee.