Stories of AA Members

These are a few stories of how our members came to find a solution to their drinking problems in Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you find these of interest, you will find many more in the back of the book Alcoholics Anonymous which can be bought from our shop or read them on-line on the global website of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A Good Seed

It’s a Monday morning of a fresh new week and a brand new day and in my back pocket I can feel my 24-hour coin I was gifted through AA on it the inscription reads: “One day at a time”.
That really works for me and echoes the wisdom of some favourite words of mine by Ernest Hemingway…

Gillian’s Story

How I became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous Almost 6 years ago I went to my first AA meeting. I was depressed, hopeless tired and full of despair. What happened prior to that? I will start about 4 years before I went to my first meeting. This is a small part of my story. I […]

Risking it All

Hello – my name is Martin and I am an alcoholic. I come from a fairly large family of six kids. Our home life was not what I would call normal. Dad was an addict alcoholic and my mom was controlling, over responsible and somewhat a religious fanatic. I discovered alcohol and drugs at the […]