The Friday Night Gratitude Group – HYBRID MEETING – FACE TO FACE & ZOOM

Location:Het Couveehuis, The Hague
Address:Frankenslag 139, 2582 HJ Den Haag, Netherlands
Start time:20:00
End time:21:00
Group:Friday Gratitude Group The Hague

Hybrid meeting!!

The Friday Night Gratitude Group has returned to Face to Face meetings. Also we will keep Zoom open to join the main meeting.

We have opened the access at 19:45 for fellowship at the Couveehuis before the actual meeting that starts at 20:00. Please join and have some fellowship before the meeting.

*PLEASE NOTE, ALL RULES STILL APPLY* Please do not come to the F2F meeting if you are ill. All chairs are set-up for 1.5 please keep them that way. After the meeting the group must sanitized the tables and chairs before leaving. 

No hugging or shaking hands, the elbow greet if wanted

The large meeting room where we were meeting before the lock-down will be able to sit 18 persons only!

There is also a small room close to the main meeting room that can hold 9 more only.

It was decided whoever is in the smaller room can call a fellow in the main meeting room so both rooms are connected for the meeting.

For Zoom also, We have opened the access at 19:45 for fellowship before the actual meeting that starts at 20:00. We  join the main Face to Face meeting room.

An online meeting has been created, below are the details:

  • Zoom Meeting ID:
  • Zoom Password:

** Contact **

* Cheryl V.:



Sharing on a reading from As Bill Sees it and our experience, strength and hope, or how we stayed sober the past week.

Het Couveehuis  (Numerous fellowships have meetings there already).
Same time 20:00 – 21:00 (8:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.)

Plenty of parking (pay parking again).

Place: Het Couveehuis

Room: De Roze Kamer (the “Pink” room) – 1st floor (1e verdieping) 

Address: Frankenslag 139, 2582 HJ Den Haag (The Hague)



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