Covid-19 related Locations update

Recent developments regarding the COVID-19 and the Dutch governments recommendations, locations have been closed. The list below will provide the meetings which are closed F2F. Please ensure you check the below link for the Hybrid meetings or just online meetings.

For the Hybrid plus online meetings list, please click here :



AA Breda Women’s Meeting is closed. Location of the meeting: Schorsmolenstraat 13, 4811 VN Breda , Netherlands

Breda International Group is closed. Location of the meeting: Aardenhoek 4 4817 NE Breda, Netherlands


Eagle Shelter Group – Bilingual AA Meeting will be closed. Location of the meeting: Crispijnhof 9, 5101 BL Dongen, Netherlands


Meetings at the Location: Pastoriestraat 147, Eindhoven for some of the meetings is now open.

International Group Eindhoven – Still ZOOM Meeting Only

The Hague

  • Esther de Boer van Rijklaan 20 (American Protestant Church of The Hague) will be closed. This affects the following meetings :


The Sunrise Serenity Statenweg (Monday to Sunday) will be closed. The location is Statenweg 207, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The First 164 Meeting – Sunday will be closed. The location Stationsplein 45, Rotterdam