Covid-19 related Locations update

Due to recent developments regarding the COVID-19 and the Dutch governments recommendations, some of the locations hosting AA meetings have been closed. Therefore, these meetings are either canceled, went online or in search of a new location. The list below will provide the meetings which are either closed or moved.

For the online meetings list, please click here :



International Bilingual English/Dutch speaking AA Women’s Group will be closed. Location of the meeting: Schorsmolenstraat 13, 4811 VN Breda, Netherlands


Eagle Shelter Group – Bilingual AA Meeting will be closed. Location of the meeting: Crispijnhof 9, 5101 BL Dongen, Netherlands


Meetings at the Location: Pastoriestraat 147, Eindhoven are closed. This affects the following meetings :

The Hague

  • The English Catholic Church (Koningin Marialaan 2, The Hague). The following meeting decided to close until further notice:
  • Baptistengemeente Den Haag (Vierheemskinderenstraat 91, 2531 CA) This will affect the following meeting::


  • The community center Buurthuis Rosa (Malakkastraat 6) will be closed until further notice. This will affect the following meeting:
  • In Holy Trinity Parsonage, Utrecht, the following meeting will now go online, until further notice: