Candlelight topic meeting – NEW LOCATION DURING LOCK DOWN

Location:Het Couveehuis
Address:Het Couvéehuis, Frankenslag 139, The Hague, Netherlands
Start time:20:00
End time:21:00
Group:The Hague Multi-Group

We’re grateful to be able to meet during the lockdown at the Couveehuis .

*PLEASE NOTE, ALL RULES STILL APPLY* Please do not come to the F2F meeting if you are ill. All chairs are set-up for 1.5 please keep them that way. After the meeting the group must sanitized the tables and chairs before leaving. 

  • No gathering of fellows in front of the couveehuis before and after the meeting.
  • 25 fellows maximum, pre-registration is recommanded
  • 1,5 meters distance between fellows must be kept at all time,
  • Do not attend if you or someone in your household is sick
  • it’s unsure we’ll be able to handover sobriety coins at that point
  • Use the hand sanitiser available before and after the meeting.
  • Use a face mask when moving around. The mask can be removed while sitting.


The amount of people being limited, please register before coming to the meeting (see contact person bellow).

Topic Meeting

Contact: Magali 



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