Amsterdam Newcomers Step and Tradition (Beginners) -HYBRID MEETING – FACE TO FACE & ZOOM

Location:Geschutswerf 12, 1018AW Amsterdam
Address:Geschutswerf 12, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Start time:18:00
End time:19:15
Group:Amsterdam Newcomers
GSR:Lars K. 0615257906

Due to COVID-19 related government recent decision, the location is now OPEN.

Social Distancing 1.5m and all other Rules still apply.


This meeting uses a dual face-to-face and online format. Access to the
building is possible 15 minutes before the start of the meeting and a
maximum of 18 people are permitted in the venue due to COVID-19
restrictions of the host venue. Online access is possible via the zoom
link below:

  • Zoom Meeting ID:
  • Zoom Meeting URL:

For the password please get in Contact
André or Lars
Lars André

Steps & Traditions

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