Intergroup Newsletter – April 2016

newsletter April 2016


Message from the Chair
Our Intergroup meeting of April 30, 2016 was held in Den Haag and was attended by 15 people. The following groups was represented: Friday Night Gratitude Group The Hague, Keep it simple Eindhoven, Enjoying life Rotterdam, Monday 12&12 The Hague, The Steps we took Amsterdam, As Bill see it Utrecht, 12 Steps International Amsterdam, Daily Reflections The Hague ( total 8 groups )
Of the 34 A.A. groups in Holland only 8 was represented in our last business meeting. We encourage all groups to have their GSR’s attend our quarterly business meetings. We need your input / ideas and votes, so we know your needs and how to better serve you!! We also need people that are willing to take on the positions of Secretary and Literature positions at IG.
If interested please contact us at s…

New Ideas & taking part
This is your Intergroup. You may want to introduce new events (or reintroduce old ones). Let us know what you want from us. It was mentioned that the Newsletter is being received well!! We are looking at more ways to be creative with the newsletter.
If you have any suggestions please email us at: s…

New positions to fill
Unfortunately the Secretary and Literature positions were not filled!!
These are very important positions at IG and is a good opportunity to do service. We encourage all GSR’s to make announcements and for Sponsor’s to suggest this to their sponsie’s; the importance of IG and why it is important to be a part of IG.  If you are interested please email us at s…

Minutes: The minutes from our last meeting  January 2016 was approved

Alot have been done and still more to do! They said they received alot of positive reactions to the website but they need help. If you want to participate in creating or updating content, please drop us a note at w…
You don’t need to have fancy computer skills – experience in editing Word documents suffices. The site publishes blog articles, event announcements, keeping meetings up to date and more. If you see something which can be better, or have ideas or suggestions, please email us. We think all of us can be very proud with this achievement so far. It was a long process: lots of thought, design, testing, and funds went into this production.

Thank you all for participating in this project!

Our Convention Chairperson step down and we are happy to announce that Holly B. from the 12&12 steps The Hague volunteered and was nominated as Chairperson. Organization and registration is a bit behind schedule.
If you would like to help please contact our secretary at: c…

Mathieu stated that our financial situation is stable and expresses gratitude and thanks to all the groups for their support.

Literature report
no report. We are currently looking for a Literature person

Public Information
The present PI Chair has step down at the PI movement is at a stand still. Eli volunteer to take initiative to communicate about PI and to kick start it again.

CER (continental European Region)
CER was away on business so there was no report. We had to postpone voting on whether to have a 2nd CER representative to the next business meeting awaiting her input on this subject

Topic that was discuss: Service center in Amsterdam

Mark explained what the possibilities of a “service center” could do and the financial support that would be needed from Intergroup. After further discussion it was decided that GSR’s should go back to their groups and explain the idea of a service center. Also to explain the need of volunteers for hosting it in Amsterdam; along with the commitment linked to the Service center. Votes to be taken at each A.A. group.
GSR’s to present their groups decision at the next IG business meeting

Next Meeting

Sunday July 3rd, 2016 Amsterdam –Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 282A

Open Positions: Secretary, Literature position, 1st & 2nd CER representative

Such is the paradox of A.A. regeneration: strength arising out of complete defeat and weakness , the loss of
one’s old life as a condition for finding a new one
Daily Reflections page 179