Friday Night Gratitude Group starts Face to Face

The Friday Night Gratitude Group will return June 5th, 2020 to Face to Face meeting. Also we will keep Zoom open.

We have opened the access at 19:30 for fellowship at the Couveehuis before the actual meeting that starts at 20:00. Please join and have some fellowship before the meeting.

The Greeter will direct fellows, please also follow the arrows the Couveehuis have sent.

The Couveehuis has requested only if a person is in really need, they can use the bathroom. So please go to the washroom before coming to the meeting

They prefer no one uses the bathrooms. Should you have to, ensure you use sanitizer on the toilet seat, cover, sink etc.

*PLEASE NOTE, ALL RULES STILL APPLY* Please do not come to the F2F meeting if you are ill. All chairs are set-up for 1.5 please keep them that way. After the meeting the group must sanitized the tables and chairs before leaving. 

No hugging or shaking hands, the elbow greet if wanted

The large meeting room where we were meeting before the lock-down will be able to sit 18 persons only!

There is also a small room close to the main meeting room that can hold 9 more only.

It was decided whoever is in the smaller room can call a fellow in the main meeting room so both rooms are connected for the meeting.

For Zoom also, We have opened the access at 19:30 for fellowship before the actual meeting that starts at 20:00. We are hoping to join the main Face to Face meeting room with a Laptop.


Important news update!!

The Convention Committee has discussed at length over the measures the Dutch government has implemented to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  To ensure the success of our program. we have decided to move the NL Convention to an online format.

We are excited about this decision and welcome the opportunities and challenges. Please see the information below and dates for our next online meeting, we welcome all members.

In Service,

The Convention Committee

The AA 2020 convention “We stood at the turning point” with Al-anon & ACA participation will take place 22nd of August 2020. More information here

2020 A.A. Convention 3rd Meeting

Hello All,

Print the Convention Flyer and pass it on in your meetings!!

A few of us would also like to get out there and visit your meetings for promotion and would like it if you could introduce us. Drop me a line on the best dates and I will see what I can do. Also there are service positions that can be adjusted to fit a fellow that is staying one day or the full weekend.

Positions still to be of service are: Mr. & Mrs. Fix it

Next Committee meeting will be held March 15, 2020:

Johannes Camphuijsstraat 25, 2593 CH, Den Haag

Starts at 3:00p.m. (15:00)

We also have set-up Skype for those who do not feel comfortable taking public transport. So please before the meeting starts send a request to : 2020 Convention committee in search on Skype or click:

2019 A.A. Convention Feedback form

2019 A.A. Convention Feedback form

HI All, please if you are willing too fill out the feedback form, so the New Chair of 2020 knows more of what you would like to see and have at the next convention. Or feedback on what you felt could be improved.

33rd Annual Round Up Survey

Thank you All