Daily Reflections Thursday Noon Meeting – *TEMPORARILY CLOSED* DUE TO COVID 19

The meeting has been temporarily closed due to complications from the Covid-19 restrictions. We will look to meet again once restrictions are lifted.


The first Zoom meeting online from Haarlem. Wednesday nights at 20:00-21:00. (Amsterdam time zone) The new Zoom meeting is called: “The Broad Highway” Check it out on the Online meeting page.

Tuesday night candlelight meeting in The Hague back to its original location

Starting Tuesday, 6 october, the Candlelight topic meeting will be back to its original location at the American Protestant church of The Hague. 25 fellows maximum can attend this meeting so visit the meeting page for more information about how to register.

*NEW FACE TO FACE MEETING* Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous / Bi-lingual

Click here for more details -**NEW MEETING ** In the Old-Catholic ChurchSchoonhoven, Netherlands

Intergroup Meeting

The Next Intergoup Meeting will be held Saturday, September 26th, 2020. 10:30 a.m. to 13:15 CET

Online using Zoom:
• Zoom Meeting ID:
• Zoom Meeting URL:
• No password needed

Bring someone with you – As suggested at our previous Intergroup meeting: It’s an online meeting and it’s very easy for anyone to join.

We have a large number of vacancies. It’s for making more AA members acquanted with Intergroup.


  1. PI Chair
  2. Webmaster
  3. Treasurer
  4. Literature Person
  5. Two CER Representatives
  6. Convention Chair
  7. Convention Treasurer

Mustard Seed Group is BACK TO FACE TO FACE

Click here for more details -**NEW LOCATIONLombokstraat 2 1094 AL Amsterdam **

*NEW* Women’s Friday Night 12 & 12 – Zoom Permanent Meeting

This group focuses on the 12 steps and 12 traditions AA literature. Every week a step is read and discussed, on the 4th Friday of the month the tradition is read. 

Women’s Friday Night 12 x 12 – Permanent Zoom Meeting

Breda International Group IS NOW FACE TO FACE

Breda International Group  is now a Closed meeting.

The Zoom meeting is now separate from this group, but held at the same time. The Zoom Online meeting page “https://aa-netherlands.org/news/covid-19-related-meetings-update-new/