Intergroup Newsletter – January 2016

Message from the Chair

Our last Intergroup meeting was well attended by 18 people. It is a great time to join in as a GSR in representing your group at Intergroup or to take one of the service positions as members rotate out. Even if you are not in a position to make a long term commitment, we welcome you to attend intergroup meetings and to contribute your ideas. We would like to offer everyone the opportunity to come and join us at our next IG meeting in Den Haag on April 16 (exact location to be announced) and be a part of what goes on “behind the scenes“. Lunch is provided. Check our website for all details.

New Ideas & taking part

This is your Intergroup. You may want to introduce new events (or reintroduce old ones). We have supported Gratitude Days, Christmas celebrations and workshops. Let us know what you want from us.

2 positions are actually open!

  1. Intergroup Secretary
  2. Intergroup Literature person

Telephone Answering

John who is the “Help Line Coordinator“ mentioned that even though we have an effective telephone answering service and we are immensely grateful to our dedicated volunteers who provide this service, day and night, every day of the year, that there is a need for volunteers.  It is still a main lifeline to our newcomers, who call us in despair, as well as helping visitors to find a meeting and so on.  If you have time to give to the helpline, we urge you to contact your GSR or email: o…


Great News from Dimitri and Tim our Webmasters!!!!!! In the past weekend, we have brought the new AA Netherlands Website live. Please check it out: ! I think all of us can be very proud with this achievement. It was a long process: lots of thought, design, testing, and funds went into this production.

Thank you all for participating in this project!

With this new website we achieved the following major goals we have set for ourselves at the start:

  1. The design and look & feel of the website is fresh and clear, which is very important for the newcomer.
  2. The website works well on mobile devices.
  3. We have a brand new meeting finder: which enables the user to search based on location or city.
  4. Our website uses roughly the same style as the Dutch AA website: This is important for the newcomer to prevent confusion about AA in The Netherlands.
  5. We have a new, beautiful and fully functional shop: Willemien and Dimitri have transferred the product catalog from the old shop and also totally reorganized the catalog, making it easier to understand and navigate for inexperienced Literature Persons.

In the first 3 days we already received 4 orders!

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to help? Help is always welcome in two ways:

  1. Creating / updating content: If you want to participate in creating or updating content, please drop us a note at w… You don’t need to have fancy computer skills – experience in editing Word documents suffices. The site publishes blog articles, event announcements, keeping meetings up to date and more.
  1. Improving the website: If you see something which can be better, or have ideas or suggestions, please email us at w…


We maintain a large stock of books and medallions which are made available to groups more or less at cost. They are easily ordered on-line or by telephone. We hope that payment will be made even easier on our updated website. Literature has started a “Newcomers package“. Stay tune for future details concerning this. Check web site for details. We all thank Willemien for her past service as IG Literature.


Unfortunately, Joris had to step down as our 2016 Convention chairperson. Holy has volunteered to step in, she will need to be officially voted in at our next Intergroup meeting. The committee needs volunteers! If you are interested, send an e-mail to: c…

  • The flyers are finish and your groups should receive them shortly
  • The theme for the 2016 convention was introduce “Step by Step
  • Date: August 19 to August 21
  • Location: Mennorode
  • Some new ideas for 2016 Convention: 24/7 coffee corner and Movie festival

Check Hurry up and register : ) The website will be updated regularly.

New Meetings

(Check website for details) Like all new meetings they need our support; so please make announcements at your home groups

  • Utrecht  “ABC meeting “Big Book Sunday 12:30 ABC straat # 5 Utrecht
  • Rotterdam: “Enjoying Life “Thursday 19:30 Schiedamse Vest # 121
  • Den Haag: “Daily Reflections: Thursday 12 noon at Koningin Marialaan # 2


Jackie our IG treasurer stated that our financial situation is stable and she expresses gratitude and thanks to all the groups for their support. We all thank Jackie for her dedication and service as treasurer

Public Information

If you like to know more about PI or would like to be involved either as an individual or a group rep, you could contact John R.  at email  p…

CER (continental European Region)

Dorien served us as our CER for the past 3 years and we owe a great amount of thanks to her for making herself available in service. Her term as CER was up in December 2015. We all would like to express our thanks to her for being of service

Jennifer is our new CER representative. We are looking for a 2nd CER representative. If you think you would like to be a part of the CER team please email our secretary  at s… and attend our next business meeting in Den Haag